Homeopathy 101

In this introductory course you will learn to use homeopathy in the home and with your family. Resources provided are an easy reference to take away!  We cover the basics in this course and will go through a list of the remedies you can include in your home kit.  Topics such as illness, disease, homeopathic remedies, potencies, and basic acute disease is covered such as fever, flu, coughs and colds.  Homeopathic complete home kits are available to order and purchase for additional cost.  

Homeopathy In Pregnancy & Childbirth

Research shows that using homeopathy in labour can successfully decrease pain and reduce the overall length of labour, once contractions are established.  In this introductory talk Homeopath and previous Labor & Delivery Nurse, Katie Kiemeny will explain safety and efficacy of using homeopathic remedies during pregnancy, through the stages of labour and postpartum.  We will discuss what remedies to use to support you during the various stages of labour.  Material are designed to be easy reference for your labour bag and homeopathic birthing kits are available for additional cost to purchase.  Partners are encouraged to join!  Classes run throughout the year email today to reserve your spot.  

Homeopathy & Travel

For travellers, homeopathy should be within a hands reach.  In this class we cover acute undesirable situations such as the forbidden travellers diarrhea, sunburns and motion sickness.  We will discuss basic wound care and the first line of remedies to use to prevent infection in second/third world situations.  For advanced travellers we will study about preventable measures to take when going into high risk areas. 




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