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Alberta Homeopathic Association

Looking to find a homeopath in Alberta?  Founded in 2014, The Alberta Homeopathic Association is a nonprofit organization to unite and support the professional homeopathic community in Alberta and to further more establish Homeopathy as a recognized profession and regulated health care system in Alberta.

Powers of Homeopathy - Donna Powers

After 4 years of homeopathic training, 14 years of private practice and as many years attending seminars, I am stepping out into the world to share with you what I wish I had known when I was a young parent. I wish I had known about this medical art and science of homeopathy. It’s been around for 250 years but somehow I missed this in my early parenting education....


Just One Drop Homeopathy - Videos

National Centre of Homeopathy Find A Remedy

A basic guide to common illnesses and injuries when using remedies in the home. 

Renewal Homeopathy Remedy Dispensary 

Alberta's leading homeopathic dispensary. 

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