My passion is healthy families!


I began using homeopathy about fifteen years ago with the birth of our first child.  Today we primarily, use homeopathy as a main form of medicine in our home.  I enjoy sharing knowledge and encouraging others.  Preparing families to cope with reemerging childhood illnesses, educating families on how to support a healthy lifestyle in the home, and supporting the childbearing family through conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum are just a few of my favorite topics.  It brings me much happiness to see the unique support homeopathy can give to individuals of a family.  






More about me:


Katie is a Registered Nurse and Classical Homeopath.   She is a graduate of Homeopathic Medicine from the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine.  Katie is traditionally trained as a Registered Nurse, and holds a current registration with The College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta.   She spent the majority of her nursing practice in labor and delivery, and cardiology.  She has served as the President of the Alberta Homeopathic Association for the past three years.  


In my practice, I see all types of illnesses because families start and then they grow!  Homeopathy can help support us through every life stage.  From growing pains to joint pains, from fevers to flus, and acute coughs to chronic fatigue we all have a journey to complete!  One exceptional aspect of homeopathy is that it is a medicine that recognizes the whole person and considers emotional, mental and physical symptoms.  Homeopathy is as effective in supporting the physical symptoms of a fever, as it is in supporting the emotional and mental symptoms of illnesses such as depression and anxiety.